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About The Cover:

In my hunt for a captivating book cover that would speak to the words I had written, months went by without success.

Until one day when inspiration struck right at home - on my walls! The framed photographs hung in my house were just what I'd been searching far and wide for; they brought life and beauty to each page of this special story.

Artwork reveals something different in everyone's eyes depending on their distinct perspective; as it turns out, sometimes you don't even have to look very hard or go too far away from your own truth before finding creativity within yourself.

That’s What Makes Entrepreneurs So Great: They’re Willing To Act Without Seeing The Full Picture, My Goal Is To Get People To See The Big Picture And To See A Bigger Future. 

That’s what makes entrepreneurs so great: They’re willing to act without seeing the full picture, my goal is to get people to see The Big Picture and to see a bigger future. 

New Release May 2023

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