Here’s what it’s not... 
 it’s not a book about photography or a book about taking the perfectly timed shot.

Here’s what it is ... a lesson on zooming in on your life, and a guide to understanding and creating strategies that will take you to the next level.

Scott Proposki uses clear and simple references to photography techniques that have led him through life, but this book is for anybody looking to transform their personal and professional trajectory.

You’ll learn the following and more inside:

  • Valuable lessons to take your life and business to the next level
  • Coaching advice to guide hyper focus your future
  • Find support on an alternative path to success
  • See the clearer picture, on the horizon ahead

Camera Focus

By: Scott Proposki

A Lesson and Guide to Crafting Strategies for Next-Level Success.

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I've captured top names in business and entertainment. Built a leading event photography company, generating millions, empowering many.

Today, I am the premier partner of the Exit Factor advisor for small and medium size businesses, we creating profitable, efficient & sellable businesses. 

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