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Limited Beliefs 

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Created by Scott Proposki, Former National Geographic & White House Photographer

by Scott Proposki | Certified  business Guide | Helping creative business Grow

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With Scott proposki 

Over the last decade, I’ve worked with dream clients like National Geographic, The White House, and multi-city photography projects.

Empowering photographers to create a profitable, straightforward business

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" I only wish I knew Scott 10 years ago, I am thankful to be part of his program today" - Rob 

Decades of Event Photography Expertise:

With over two decades of experience in event photography, I've had the privilege of capturing unforgettable moments for renowned entities such as National Geographic, The White House, and HBO. My journey has been nothing short of remarkable, spanning the globe and crafting visual narratives for prestigious clients.

Entrepreneurial Triumphs:

Along this journey, I've successfully built and managed my event photography business. This venture not only generated substantial revenue but also provided opportunities for others to thrive in the industry. My business acumen has empowered fellow entrepreneurs and contributed to their success stories.

Unlock Business Potential:

If you're eager to elevate your business to new heights, I invite you to schedule an interview with me. Let's explore how my wealth of experience and proven strategies can propel your venture towards unprecedented growth and success.

Stay focused,

former White House Photographer Builds Top Photography Coaching Service - Expertise, Business Acumen, and Proven Success


scott proposki

Mission: Striving to stand as the premier coaching services provider for photography businesses worldwide.

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How to Find Your Superpowers with ADHD

Learn The 5 Shifts That Might Help Your ADHD in Business, and Life

My system on 5 simple principles, or “mindset shifts,” that turn your ADHD on its head.

by scott proposki

Copyright 2019, camera focus by Scott Proposki

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1. Embrace Uniqueness: Recognize that ADHD brings a distinctive set of strengths and abilities. Embrace your individuality and view your differences as valuable assets rather than limitations.

2. Focus on Strengths: Shift your perspective from dwelling on perceived weaknesses to leveraging your strengths. Identifying and nurturing your strong points can lead to exceptional achievements.

3. Harness Hyperfocus: Understand that ADHD often brings bouts of intense focus, known as hyperfocus. Channel this deep concentration into tasks that align with your goals, maximizing productivity and creativity.

4. Adaptability Advantage: View your innate adaptability as a superpower. ADHD individuals often excel in dynamic environments. Embrace change and turn it into a catalyst for growth.

5. Creative Thinking: Embrace your natural propensity for thinking outside the box. Let your creativity flourish by exploring unconventional solutions and innovative approaches to challenges.

Scott Proposki, a business growth expert coach, has honed his expertise in assisting individuals in harnessing their strengths and achieving success while navigating life with ADHD. He offers insights into five fundamental shifts of thinking that can guide you in discovering your unique superpower.

Focus On The Profits Workshop - A 20-week program, 2-hour virtual small group coaching calls, 2 hours one-on-one coaching calls: Unlimited email support, and full access to our private slack channel.

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Change, Crisis Communications & What We've Learned

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by scott proposki

Hold Your Seat
 20 Weeks Of Weekly Coaching 

The Global Pandemic Has Impacted Businesses, What Determines Whether Some Beehives Survive While Others Die?

Bee Focused 

It sounds like the concept of "Bee Focused" is being used as a metaphor for the traits and behaviors that make honey bees successful and resilient. These traits include hyper-focus, adaptability, and perseverance.

The idea is that by emulating these qualities in business, individuals can learn to quickly adapt to changes in the market, come up with new ideas, and remain focused on their goals even in the face of adversity.

The lessons in "Bee Focused" may provide strategies and techniques for achieving this type of mindset and behavior, helping individuals and businesses to become more resilient and successful.

by scott proposki

By Scott proposki 

Keep Thinking Outside The Box

Transform Your Thinking For The Future

The tales of creative people who use new ideas to start successful businesses… that have changed the world.

The highlights the benefits of visionary founders, including innovation, creativity, passion, risk-taking, and a relentless drive for success.

New Release Party 2024

New Release Party 2024

Stay Informed and Inspired: Get Exclusive Updates from the Visionaries Featured in This Book By Scott Proposki and Clate Mask

by Scott Proposki

Hey Photographers 

In my photography journey, I've captured top names in business and entertainment. Built a leading event photography company, generating millions, empowering many.

Now, aspiring to be the premier advisor for photographers and creative businesses. Choose us for positive conversations, daily celebration of wins, big or small.

Stay Focused

scott proposki Former Photographer HBO, FOX, and The White House | Author | Podcast Host

My career as a professional photographer has taken me around the world, photographing some of the biggest names in business and entertainment.

From National Geographic to The Whitehouse - no job was too big or small!

This experience gave me everything I needed to build one of today's top event photography companies that generated millions in sales.