"It's not about how much money you make but how much you keep"


It all begins with the fundamental setup of your business. While it might seem basic, many businesses overlook these simple steps.

This not just about raking in cash. It's more like securing financial health, stability, and setting the stage for a brighter future.

Think of focusing on profits as the powerhouse that drives businesses ahead on the success track.

Start Strong Basics for Success, Beyond Just Profits

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by Scott Proposki

Setting Up for Success: The Basics Most Businesses Miss. It's not just about making money; it's about securing a stable and financially healthy future. Imagine profits as the turbo boost propelling your business to success!

by scott proposki

Explore CAMERA FOCUS: Not your typical photography guide. This book zeroes in on your life, providing insights and strategies to elevate you to new heights.

Master the Art of Focus with Insights from This Book

  • Valuable lessons take your life and business to the next level
  • Coaching advice to guide hyper focus your future
  • Find support on an alternative path to success
  • See the clearer picture, on the horizon ahead

camera focus

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Today, I am the premier partner of the Exit Factor advisor for small and medium size businesses, we creating profitable, efficient & sellable businesses. 

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Change, Crisis Communications & What We've Learned

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by scott proposki

Hold Your Seat
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The Global Pandemic Has Impacted Businesses, What Determines Whether Some Beehives Survive While Others Die?

Bee Focused 

It sounds like the concept of "Bee Focused" is being used as a metaphor for the traits and behaviors that make honey bees successful and resilient. These traits include hyper-focus, adaptability, and perseverance.

The idea is that by emulating these qualities in business, individuals can learn to quickly adapt to changes in the market, come up with new ideas, and remain focused on their goals even in the face of adversity.

The lessons in "Bee Focused" may provide strategies and techniques for achieving this type of mindset and behavior, helping individuals and businesses to become more resilient and successful.

by scott proposki

Focus On The Profits Workshop - A 20-week program, 2-hour virtual small group coaching calls, 2 hours one-on-one coaching calls: Unlimited email support, and full access to our private slack channel.

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Change, Crisis Communication

by scott proposki

Beehive outcomes, like businesses in a pandemic, depend on health, disease resistance, resources, environment, beekeeping, and adaptability.

Bee Focused 

"Bee Focused" metaphorically explores success through honeybees, highlighting traits like hyper-focus, adaptability, and perseverance.

The book provides strategies for applying these qualities in business, navigating market changes, generating ideas, and staying focused on goals amid challenges.

By Scott Proposki

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Scott Proposki journey from blockbusters to building a multi-million-dollar business with Santa Claus and the exit plan that followed.

Embarking on a remarkable 23-year journey, my lens captured the glitz of HBO, the pages of Time Inc. Sports Illustrated, and an event photographer at the White House.

A spring day in 2017 brought me to an unusual scene at the White House, photographing President Obama alongside the Easter Bunny.

Little did I know, this would mark the beginning of my next venture – capturing moments with not just the Easter Bunny but also Santa Claus.

Yes, you read that right – the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus became unexpected partners in my multi-million-dollar photography business.

Launching pop-up photography stations nationwide, I found success in the most unconventional places.

However, amid the triumph, chaos ensued, prompting me to realize the need for a meticulous exit plan.

In the midst of life's unpredictable journey, I navigated the challenges, introducing systems and processes to ensure the success of my entrepreneurial endeavor.

Join me as I share the fascinating tale of my exit strategy – a narrative that goes beyond the clicks of the camera to reveal the intricacies of building, thriving, and gracefully exiting a business.

Embark on a Narrative Adventure
on my journey of how I exit my business

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Decades of Event Photography Expertise
With over two decades of experience in event photography, I've had the privilege of capturing unforgettable moments for renowned entities such as National Geographic, The White House, and HBO. My journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

Entrepreneurial Triumphs
Along this journey, I've successfully built and managed a nationwide event photography business. This venture not only generated substantial revenue but also provided opportunities for others to thrive in the industry. 

Unlock Business Potential
If you're eager to elevate your business to new heights, I invite you to schedule an interview with me. Let's explore how my wealth of experience and proven strategies can propel your venture towards unprecedented growth and success.

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