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Elevate your business to new heights with our proven system, generating higher profits through unique offers, landing pages, and your very own Million Dollar Offer


Your Million Dollar Offer
A Photography Success Story

Learn To Think Outside The Box With Marketing Automation

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Want to simplify running your photography business and increase profitability?

Explore the 5 steps that will supercharge your photography business.

Dive into the automation marketing system to learn more.

The Photography Business Made Simple Program

With Scott proposki 

Created by scott proposki

Signature Program


Are you looking to make more money and simplify running your photography business?

Discover how Scott Proposki, a former National Geographic corporate photographer, has successfully nurtured leads, automated sales, and marketing.

Learn his strategies to implement them in your own business for similar success!

Signature Program

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The Photography Business Made Simple Program

With Scott proposki 

by scott proposki

Here are 5 steps that will supercharge your photography business, learn how the automation marketing system can work for your business starting today! 

✅ Lead Management Workflow
✅ Target Niche Markets
✅ Offer Unique Services or Products
✅ Enhance Online Presence
✅ Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Learn to Think Outside the Box with Marketing Automation


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New Book Release 2024

1. Identify Your Goals - Determine what you want to achieve with automation. Do you want to automate lead generation, customer onboarding, or email marketing campaigns? Clearly defining your goals will guide you in choosing the right tools and creating effective automation campaigns.

2. We Will Set Up Your New Keap CRM System -
We built a system with setup all your automation features like email marketing, contact management, and lead tracking. plus more...  Keap is a popular options for small businesses that fits your needs and budget.

3. We Will Set Up Your CRM Tools - Configure your CRM according to your business. This includes managing contacts, creating email templates, and setting up segmentation criteria. Make sure your CRM integrates with other tools you use, such as your website and email marketing software.

4. We Will Map Your Customer Journey - Outline the different stages of your customer's journey, such as lead capture, nurturing, conversion, and post-sale follow-up. Determine the actions you want customers to take at each stage and plan automated campaigns to drive those actions.

5. Follow us and Register - Experience the real deal with our free webinars on Zoom and start thinking outside the box.

The 5 Step Marketing Automation Game Plan

Small business owners act fast but may miss the big picture. I'll help you pursue a bigger future and avoid chasing irrelevant ideas or guessing without a process.


The 6 parts of your business that need to be optimized

1. More Leads - Learn how to EFFORTLESSLY generate as many new leads as you want.

2. More Conversions - I'll show you how to close more sales using an automated PROCESS.

3. Higher Pricing - People don't buy based on price, they buy based on value. I'll teach you a powerful strat­egy that will eliminate price competition forever.

4. More Profits - Profitability is more than just eliminating costs. I'll show you two ways to instantly increase your profits without you having to spend a dollar.

5 Systemizing Your Business - Learn how to automate your business.

6. Staffing - Hire the right person for the job every time and keep them.

have a Former White House Photographer Transform your Photography Business with A Marketing and Automation Expert

Keap Thinking Outside The Box 
New Book Release 2024

By Scott Proposki

by scott proposki



This isn't just another book on photography techniques or capturing the perfect shot. Instead, it's a guide that zooms in on your life, offering valuable insights and strategies to propel you to new heights.

Scott Proposki, drawing from his photography expertise, provides clear and relatable references to help you navigate your personal and professional journey.

Whether you're a photography enthusiast or anyone seeking a transformative path, this book is your ticket to unlocking your full potential.
  • Valuable lessons to take your life and business to the next level
  • Coaching advice to guide hyper-focus your future
  • Find support on an alternative path to success
  •  Focus on the horizon ahead for the best picture in your life
  •  Diagnosed with ADHD? I hope to shape the lives of others who have it
  • The power of one-on-one coaching

You’ll learn the following and more inside...

  • Valuable lessons to take your life and business to the next level
  • Coaching advice to guide hyper focus your future
  • Find support on an alternative path to success
  • See the clearer picture, on the horizon ahead

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Focus On The Profits Workshop - A 20-week program, 2-hour virtual small group coaching calls, 2 hours one-on-one coaching calls: Unlimited email support, and full access to our private slack channel.

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Program is officially kicking off on March 4th
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Change, Crisis Communications
What We've Learned

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by scott proposki

Hold Your Seat
 20 Weeks Of Weekly Coaching 

Just like businesses during the pandemic, beehive outcomes depend on factors like hive health, disease resistance, resource availability, environmental quality, beekeeping practices, and adaptability.

Bee Focused 

"Bee Focused" uses honeybees as a metaphor for success and resilience, emphasizing traits like hyper-focus, adaptability, and perseverance.

The book offers strategies for emulating these qualities in business to navigate market changes, generate ideas, and stay focused on goals amidst challenges.

60 Daily Videos That Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know to Grow a Busines
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Flight School Business Made Simple

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The 3'Oclock Coffee Podcast
"Coffee with Extraordinary People"
Hosted by Scott Proposki

Share your inspiring story with the world! Join us on The 3 O'clock Coffee Podcast, where extraordinary individuals gather to share impactful ideas.


The 3'Oclock Coffee Podcast

Hello  -

What Questions do you have?  

In my photography career I have captured top names in corporate business and entertainment world.

I was able to bulid a leading event photography company, generating millions in sales and empowering hundreds to pursue dream careers.

Today, I am aspiring to be the premier photography business advisor for photographers and creative businesses, aiming to make a lasting impact on ambitious dreams.

Thank you,

scott proposki Former Photographer HBO, FOX, and The White House | Author | Podcast Host

My career as a professional photographer has taken me around the world, photographing some of the biggest names in business and entertainment.

From National Geographic to The Whitehouse - no job was too big or small!

This experience gave me everything I needed to build one of today's top event photography companies that generated millions in sales.