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Reel time

Free Time 

Take some time to relax, recharge and rejuvenate. Working too much can burn you out - it's a truth I've experienced firsthand! So take advantage of the free time available for yourself that will boost your productivity in work down the road.

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Gain insight into the corporate world of photography and current events from Scott, an experienced photographer.

His articles on Medium will give you unique perspectives plus tips for aspiring photographers!

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In my photography career I have captured top names in corporate business and entertainment world.

I was able to bulid a leading event photography company, generating millions in sales and empowering hundreds to pursue dream careers.

Today, I am aspiring to be the premier photography business advisor for photographers and creative businesses, aiming to make a lasting impact on ambitious dreams.

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scott proposki Former Photographer HBO, FOX, and The White House | Author | Podcast Host

My career as a professional photographer has taken me around the world, photographing some of the biggest names in business and entertainment.

From National Geographic to The Whitehouse - no job was too big or small!

This experience gave me everything I needed to build one of today's top event photography companies that generated millions in sales.