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Greetings, fellow photographers and entrepreneurs!

Ever marvel at how some entrepreneurs build extraordinary businesses? I specialize in assisting individuals like you – entrepreneurs, artists, and creative photographers – elevate their skills. My goal is not just to ensure your business survives but thrives!

Entrepreneurs are incredible because they dive in headfirst, even in uncertainty. My mission? To help you envision The Big Picture and create a future more magnificent than you ever dreamed.

With over 25 years in event marketing photography, I've collaborated with major names like National Geographic, Time Inc, and the White House under President Obama. My secret? A unique process that propelled me to high-profile corporate projects, ranking me among the top 1% of elite creative business owners.

Join me on this adventure! Consider me your basecamp business guide, ready to help you conquer any challenge you face.

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Former White House Photographer Turns Business Mentor: Revolutionizing Small Business Operations for Success

Renowned photographer Scott Proposki, known for capturing life's essence creatively, gained fame with National Geographic and The White House.

His books, like "Bee Focused," draw on nature's wisdom, highlighting survival amid challenges.

A trailblazer in event photography, he inspired many, from global leaders to everyday people, urging them to embrace life's boundless opportunities.

Scott empowers creatives and photographers to harness their unique strengths, guiding them toward successful, fulfilling businesses they love.

Business Growth Expert Scott Proposki at the white House for an event for President Obama.


  - Scott 

"I want to unlock the superpower of success? Education is your secret weapon! It's not just a building block, but an essential ingredient for unlimited growth and exploration."

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